September Newsletter- News you can use now.

TV Adultery rates are way up in Hyde Park Ohio, and across the country! It turns out people are cheating everywhere. 66% cheat by themselves on the television,
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Consumer Reports issues safety score for Cincinnati hospitals

Is average good enough?  Sad to say hospitals top priority seems to be making money. Cincinnati details here- Read a national summary at CBS This Morning
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Mitch Seavey holds off Aliy Zirkle to claim his second Iditarod

How a personal connection can make a cold dark race thousands of miles away, seem close.
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March Madness


With Mother Nature's winter hot flashes spawning a mess of monster potholes, road crews are scrambling to keep up!  Who is at fault if you hit a pothole? Answer– it is your fault for hitting it. Typically, this would be covered by collision on your auto insurance policy, subject to your deductible.   Tip - You may be able to make a claim against the state agency that is responsible for the roads. For a City of Cincinnati pothole, contact the solicitor’s office, 352-3334. They sometimes will cover the $ up to your deductible.  

   Pothole Hotline—Cincinnati 591-6000       ODOT 800-831-2142      Kentucky (800) 728-2448