Mitch Seavey holds off Aliy Zirkle to claim his second Iditarod


Mitch Seavey holds off  Aliy Zirkle to claim his second Iditarod  and becomes the oldest winner ever at age 53. This was one of the closest races in history, full of lead changes out of the box strategy and stories of kindness and cooperation. I can’t wait to see the movie, which I know will be made!

I know the racers are happy to see the race end but I am sad. I got hooked about day 4 and got up dates every 3-4 hours through the race blog writers. I must say I am sorry to see the race end. A year ago I did not even know how to spell Iditarod. ( not that spelling a word rong is new to me) I always thought it was spelled Iditarod.  Last summer I was in Alaska for the first a family reunion. One of our site seeing events was the Iditarod center In Wasilla Alaska. Its is a wonderful place full of history of the “ Last Great Race”. Outside the center they had a real dog sled team from the Redington Kennel. (Ray Reddington Jr finished 5th this year) For $35 you could take a ride inreal dog sled/ with wheels not runners on it . The true  highlight of the center was a bunch of sled dog puppies. Not only could you touch them but you could hold them. OMG what a thrill, to know you were holding the pups of a dog that was in the race is a connection I will never forget.